Every time the Sun transits the zodiac and clicks past the exact sign and degree placement where it was at the time of your birth, you experience what's known as a Solar Return. It may occur on the day before or after your actual birthday, or on your birthday itself, but the exact moment the Sun hits its Natal Placement sets into motion an astrological form that continues working "behind the scenes" in the events and focuses of your life for that entire birthday year, until a new form is set into place again the following birthday by the Sun's Return-to-its-Natal-Position.


Most people are totally unaware of the "Solar Return Effect", although they may feel a shift in focus or "change of luck" around their birthday. But by ordering a Solar Return Kit, you can now know consciously what influences the stars will be having on the focuses and events of the upcoming year, rather than be at the mercy of those effects unconsciously.

For instance, you may want to see if travel (Jupiter or Uranus in the 9th house or Sagittarius on the 9th house cusp), a job change (Uranus on the Mid-heaven or in the 10th house), a new home or home improvements (Mars on the IC or in the 4th house), a new baby or creative project (Moon in the 5th house), a long-term relationship (Venus in the 7th house) or a short-term affair (Venus in the 5th house) is "in the stars" for you this year. Will it be a prosperous year (Venus or Jupiter in the 2nd house), or one where you are best advised to budget and tighten your belt financially, conserving what resources you have (Saturn in the 2nd house)? How will others see you (look at the sign ruling the Ascendant)? Will it be an active year (Cardinal angles)? Will you be in the public eye alot (Most of the planets in the upper half of the chart) or a rather private year (most planets in the lower part of your chart)? If a house is occupied with lots of planets, the area in life that the house rules will be a major focus for you in this upcoming year, and the kinds of experiences you will have in that area of focus will be reflected by the planets in that house.

The Reference Guide that comes with your Kit will help you interpret the houses and the nature of the planets in those houses so that the Solar Return Chart will have meaning for you. These are the kind of indicators a solar return chart can show you in advance, so that you are prepared in advance or can take advantage of opportunities when they appear.



Your Solar Return Kit will include:
1) Your Natal Chart (for contrast and comparison)
2) A solar Return Chart for your locality
3) A 15 page Solar Return Report so you can understand the chart
4) A bi-wheel with your natal planets placed outside the Return chart, along with a Solar Return Worksheet that helps you interpret the meaning of the placement of the Angles and natal planets in the houses of the Solar Return Chart
5) And a Reference Guide to help you read the astrological glyphs and interpret the areas of influence typical of each planet and house (for those who are new to astrology).

6) A second Solar Return chart, report and bi-wheel in another locality can be included upon request (but will cost an additional $20). See below.


People are sometimes known to go to a "better location" for their birthday, in order to stimulate a more positive Solar Return Chart for the year ahead. There is an on-going discussion within the astrological community about whether this relocated Solar Return form holds true for the whole year, even if you move back to the "less-promising" location a few days later.

Some astrologers feel that when you return home, the home location's solar return positions are activated, while others swear that "moving to maximize a solar return" by taking a short birthday vacation to stimulate better planetary alignments or house placements in the Solar Return Chart is a definite asset that benefits them all year long. But a vacation is a luxury many of us cannot afford to take just because it happens to be our birthday! And the ASPECTS between planets at the moment each year that corresponds to your birth will not be changed by location, although the Angles and house placements will. So for most people, a solar return chart for your current city of residence is most helpful.