Relocation Charts

Relocation charts express the astrological signature of your birth, but from a different geological perspective. The dial of houses is different the further east or west you travel and the house size will be more skewed the further north or south of the Equator you go.

The results of relocating will be to "spin the bottle" so to speak, so that the Angles of the chart and which houses the planets find themselves in will be different if you travel far enough from your birth place (say 1000 miles to get a significantly different chart configuration).

Let me show you an example - The Solar Eclipse of November 23, 2003:

As you can see, as one progresses westward, from Washington, DC to San Francisco, to Sydney, Australia the sign on the Ascendant goes backward through the astrological signs, or the Angles move clockwise around the chart, or the planets appear to move counterclockwise the further west one goes. In any case, it's clear that for the same moment in time - the moment of the Eclipse - the planets and Angles have different significances in the locality charts in different places.

Astrocartography is all about planets being in their "strength" when they are near angles, so let's look at each city chart for the Solar Eclipse on November 23, 2003.

In Washington DC Uranus is on the Mid-heaven and Pluto & Venus are on either side of the Descendant. Possible themes in Washington during the next 6 months after the eclipse might reveal fickle Presidential decisions and policies (Uranus) with catatrophic consequences (Pluto on the Descendant) for our allies (Venus) or women in general.

Perhaps through legislation, decree or by court appointments, a strong position against abortion could lead to the deaths of women who can no longer find medical abortion procedures and take desperate measures. This is just one possible prediction or interpretation from this placement.

Saturn is in the second house of money, which projects continuing difficulting getting the economy back on track. Mars is opposed Jupiter in a Grand Square to Pluto and the Ascendant so although the chart appears at first glance to be favorable with lots of trines, Bush's aggressive urges (Mars) may result in poor diplomacy and his excessive spending (Jupiter) may back fire, further undermining the possibility of a healthy recovery. People may spend more freely this Christmas than last year, but they may regret it afterwards.

With Jupiter in Virgo in the fourth house of the home, Americans will be enjoying simple pleasures at home while the Military will continue its uncertain path abroad. With the kite between Jupiter, Mars, Chiron and the North Node, Bush's wealthy cronies will be doing very well indeed while the average American will be juggling 2 jobs and scheming to find ways to feed their families. This chart reveals the 2 Americas - that of the wealthy and the struggling underdog whose efforts hold this country together.

San Francisco

Saturn is strong at the bottom of the chart (Nadir) while Chiron rules the Mid-heaven. If it weren't for that lovely Grand Trine to the midheaven I'd consider earthquake - rigid earth (Saturn at its lowest point) almost inconjunct Uranus (sudden jolts of energy) with pain and suffering (Chiron) being the public expression.

However, I think it's more likely an expression of the state of the economy in California, such as the wave of discontent that ushered Swartznegger into office. With T-squared Pluto and the Eclipse in the 8th house, I imagine there are some secrets yet to be revealed that may impact business painfully (Chiron in Capricorn on the midheaven) in California. We may hear some more juicy scandals, but all in all it looks like the California way of life will continue.

Sydney, Australia

Unlike Washington and San Francisco, there are no planets on the angles in Sydney during this eclipse. Uranus is in the 2nd house of finances, so their stock market may be rather unpredictable, but with Jupiter in the eight house, aide will come from somewhere. Saturn is in the 6th house of health opposite Chiron in the 12th, which could indicate an erruption of SARS or some public health problems that are hard to diagnose.

What Sydney has that they other 2 charts do not, is a Yod from the midheaven to Mercury/Pluto to the North Node in the 4th house of national pride. Yods take subtle understanding and time to master as the energies are difficult to blend - fire & air to earth. Eastern Australia may be experiencing some growing pains in its desire to feel really good about its national identity. The Yod point is well-supported, but with the eclipsing Sun & Moon, Mercury, Pluto and Venus clustered in the 11th house at the base of this Yod, I could imagine some protests or other social disturbances questioning whether Australia should involve itself in the quagmire of Middle Eastern Politics, how to resolve trade issues, or perhaps some more strictly national concerns. A second Yod rises from a less-than-militant Piscean Mars on the cusp of the third house (friends with the US, but not really sure to what degree) up to the Libran midheaven, the sign of the diplomat, mediating difficult positions, but preferring not to get involved directly. If Australia sends troops to Iraq in support of the US or UN, there will likely be protests heard at home, which may make that a tough decision for an indecisive country to make. Otherwise it looks like all is fairly quiet down under, alot less quiet than Washington with its Pluto Descending, or california with Saturn on the IC.

"Comparison Shopping" for a Place to Be Happy

Now you see how the same chart can be read quite differently at different latitudes and longitudes. By relocating your own birth chart, you may be able to enhance certain qualities of personality that are languishing elsewhere. Studying relocated charts can be combined with astrocartography to enhance your understanding of how new places may affect you. That's why I include them with each relocated report that you order through this web site.

A minimum order costs $25, so you can order 5 relocation reports with relocated charts for cities of your choosing, or combine a couple of reports with a world or continental Astrocartography map or 2. Fill out an order form or just email me with any questions. I'm sure there's some places in the World you've always wondered about...

"May the Rhythm of the Heavens Guide your Path!"