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Print a separate form for each person. Call or email to schedule a Consultation.


Birth Date-Month:_________ Day:_______ Year:________ Time:________ AM or PM?

Birth Place-City:______________________ State:__________ Country:______________

A Natal Chart Reading (Birth Chart explained + 1.5 hour taped consultation): $100_____

An Transit Reading (transits & progressions + 1 hour phone consultation): $75_____

An Astrocartography Consultation (Includes a packet of charts, maps, parans, assorted relocation reports, Explanatory Booklet plus a 90 minute taped phone consultation): $150_______

An Astrocartography Update (for Clients who have worked with me previously): $100_____

A "do it yourself" alternative is The Astrocartography Kit (Includes natal chart, natal & transiting
US/World maps, parans, helpful Booklet, and 3 City reports. (Choose 3 cities.): $55_______

City1:_____________________ City2:____________________ City3:______________________

Aditional Astrocartography Maps/Reports ($5 each) If TRANSITS are wanted, what date?________

MAPS-NATAL:______World, _______USA, ______Europe,________________Other (Specify)

TRANSITING:______World, _______USA, ______Europe,________________Other

Relocation Reports for what specific location(s)?________________________________________

AMOUNT ENCLOSED IN US DOLLARS: $ _________________ ($25 minimum order)

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City, State, Zip or Country:____________________________________ Phone:_________________

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