Astrology 2000's intent is to further the understanding and availability of Astrological Information and Healing Resources. Persons using this website are invited to embrace the ever-changing stellar and planetary influences that Astrologers have come to recognize as significant factors in the tone and substance of "the Times" we live in. By bringing to conscious awareness these subtle factors, Astrology better equips us to unravel the mystery of who we are, why we are here, and how to become effective contributors within a progressively expanding Universe.

We consider four steps as important in furthering our lives, relationships, ventures and discovering our life's purpose:
  a) clarification of intent,
  b) intunement with the natural fluctuation and flow of energies,
  c) honest and open association with others of like purpose, and
  d) acknowledgment of the ineffable contributions of SPIRIT.

Astrology offers keys for "reading the signposts" regarding the celestial factors that contribute to the details of our lives. These details shape the outcome of our efforts, nudging us in specific directions, sometimes blocking and confounding us along our paths, and thrusting us into our particular life dramas and experiences. By assisting us to decipher the language of the stars, and to work with it, Astrology becomes a great tool for consciousness expansion.

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