Jyoti Wind
(303) 541-9106

JYOTI has been charting Astrological profiles for over 30 years. A long-time student of Metaphysics and Healing, mother of 5 children and a Professional Astrologer, she also teaches Astrology Classes, counsels clients, has a line of healing extracts and essences, gives workshops and does Shamanic Journeying.

What Jyoti brings to her Chart Readings is an extensive knowledge of Astrological Science, substantial experience preparing and reading charts, a powerful belief in Personal Growth, and unusual insight into the unique dynamics that shape each of our Paths.

Jyoti works to create an environment in which you will feel safe to explore your reading. And she goes beyond the normal astrological repertoire by investigating the subtle powers of asteroids and other little-known celestial influences to expand your awareness of your life experience.

Please check out her website at www.starshine-galaxy.com

Jyoti writes a quarterly NEWSLETTER that is available for subsciption @ $15/year.


Contact Jyoti Wind directly at PMB 371, 1705 14th St., Boulder, CO 80302 or on the web at: starshinessence@prodigy.net

Starshine Essences(no longer available to the public)



Jyoti also has a line of Flower and Gem Essences: (Request a price list if interested)

Jyoti's New Year's Greeting

Dear Friends,

I, like all of you, am an ordinary citizen, focusing my energies on what merits my integrity. I too, have the future of my family, the expansion of my own life purpose and the desire to see peace and harmony develop on the world stage, as absolute goals. And yet I find myself looking at the role that I play in the human drama as the energies push and prod from many different sources. Being true to myself, reclaiming any missing parts for the sake of wholeness, I must acknowledge the growing discomfort that I have with some aspects of the globilization of our world.

On the other hand, the thrust for global village mentality reaches to the heart of the human family concept and our own evolution. On the other hand, larger machines have taken advantage of this direction of evolution and are pushing the edges for their own greed and power.

As I gaze at these pictures of reality, knowing that, as a soul, I am unaffected by these illusions, I am, nontheless, stepping into the dance that says I have a right as a human being, to be part of the decisions that affect my world, my family, my food chain. I hear the piper calling me to stand and have my say, no matter the consequences. I feel the drumming of the Earth, urging me to beat my own drum with Her rhythm. Who will stand for Her, Her people, if I will not? Who will speak for Her, if not me?

Will you stand for Her as well? Can you see that the Earth needs our care, needs us to be loving stewards of this gift of Life? Can you see that she needs the colonies of beings who live upon Her to be treated with tolerance, mercy and respect? Can you understand that without this, we will suffer from our own inattentiveness?

Consider making a resolution, as you read this, to be a voice for Gaia, a voice for the Earth, and our own on-goingness.

Blessings,     Jyoti