Become more conscious:  Changing planetary relationships affect humanity in ways that often go unnoticed. By becoming conscious of transiting and progressed influences, one can develop a greater awareness of the ebb and flow of celestial energies, so that he or she may take advantage of opportunities as they arise. It's also easier to endure "the hard times" when one knows approximately how long that period will last and understands the lessons it brings.

Birth and Relationship Charts:  Natal, composite (midpoints between 2 individuals), and comparative charts and reports (how each individual impacts the other) will help you grasp the nuances of your relationships with significant others. Astrology can help you perceive the harmonies, conflicts and quirks that exist between people so that you can interact more effectively and with greater understanding.

Special Event Charts: Event charts for gatherings, weddings, rituals or new ventures, can help you initiate your plans in harmony with your intentions by considering "the influence of the Times."

Planetary Influences around the World:   Locational Astrology can help you plan trips, vacations, college and career moves more in tune with your objectives so you are not "fighting the current." World and regional maps and reports for birth, transiting and progressed planets as they impact the angles of your chart where their influence is felt most strongly, can indicate the potential flavor of a location for you and your loved ones before you've committed to a new location or an expensive vacation spot.

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