Spring Equinox, March 19-20, 2004

Here is the chart for Washington, DC at the moment when the Sun enters Aries (the Spring Equinox), just prior to the New Moon, also in Aries - a true New Beginning! This year the energy of the Equinox should be felt right away!

As you see above, there is a grand trine from the US Equinox's Jupiter in the 8th house (clandestine activities are expanding) to its North Node in the 4th house (homeland patriotism and security are strong concerns) to its Part of Fortune in the first house (for Americans, it's all about what works for us.)

The wealthy are happy with their recent tax cut (Jupiter trine Venus) as the rich keep getting richer while the common man struggles to find work and make ends meet. Optimism reigns in the White House for the time being, but the euphoria may not last long as transiting Saturn approaches its final pass over the US Sibly Chart Sun in June and over George W. Bush's natal Sun as well, both at 13 degrees Cancer.)

Speaking of Saturn, accountability and consequences are not easily put aside with Saturn on the Descendant of the Washington DC Equinox chart, which hints at the poor relations the US has managed to strike with many a friend and foe alike! If it weren't for long-standing loyalties of allies (Saturn trine the South Node), and the apparent economic recovery being strengthened by the trine between Saturn (stability) and Uranus (uncertainty) in the house of money and resources, the negativities of this chart might be more evident.

There is a hint of a warning in this chart, however, for those who can see it. In this chart, Uranus (unexpected change) in Washington's 2nd house of national resources is opposed to Jupiter (excess spending) in the 8th house of loans and other people's money. This is a gambler's aspect, and the White House is gambling with the resources of future generations by high tax refunds, expensive foreign aggressions, and amplifying (Jupiter) deficits.

Notice also that the Equinox South Node of the Moon in Washington at the moment of the Equinox is in the 11th house, where public entitlement programs, such as Social Security and retirement protection for the masses, are taking a back seat (South Node) to the 5th house North Node - election year grandstanding and political drama. These Nodes (representing our national destiny) are square to Neptune (glamourous illusions) in the 2nd house of money. Right now there is a lot of hype and misrepresentation about financial matters. Despite nearly doubling the deficit while losing millions of jobs during his term, George Bush is telling crowds that they should be afraid that his opponent will raise taxes and sink the American economy! How ironic.

A Balsamic Moon

What about the balsamic "almost" New Moon? This is the transition time before the waning Moon, nearly empty, once again turns to waxing (growth). This is the seed time which lays the foundation for the next cycle. It marks the sacrificial moment before Initiation. Although largely in the dark about many political agendas, I think America is starting to educate herself (Sun & Moon are in the 3rd house of education), to wake up and look around with new eyes, despite all the media hype (third house Mercury in Aries) that feeds us daily. People are angry (Mercury semi-square Mars) and are beginning to speak out and to protest what they see as wrong with our society and the present administration.

While the third house Sun (national character) squares the Ascendant (how we are perceived by others) and Saturn, the karmic task-master, sits on the Descendant (our relations with others), the fourth house Venus (our social graces) sesqui-squares the Ascendant of this American Equinox chart. These hard social aspects bring home the reality that Americans are hated almost everywhere, especially after Mr. Bush's premtive strike on Iraq. Moon square Pluto (emotional trauma) speaks to the pain that is being felt in the world today, especially from terrorist acts against American allies, such as the train bombing in Spain just prior to their election, which led to an administration change. Will Al Quaida try the same tactic before the US election this fall? Quite possibly....

Upcoming Presidential Elections

So do "the stars" indicate that the US is in for a regime change as a result of the November elections? Surprisingly, despite the Good-ole-Boy foothold he has right now, things may turn against Bush between now and election day.

When Saturn conjuncts Bush's natal Sun in mid-June, pay attention to whatever is going on with the White House. Since Saturn hits BOTH the US and its President, some serious "reality check" may be just around the corner. At the same - in June - Saturn will form a difficult inconjunct to Neptune, so some illusions will be dashed and some losses will likely be experienced. Jupiter will have just conjuncted Bush's trigger-happy Mars, so we may find ourselves party to another impulsive political act prior to the Saturn/Sun conjunction. I'm sure Bush expects to "catch Osama Bin Laden" prior to elections to impress voters, and he could be initiating just such an offensive on the Pakistan border when something unexpected and devastating happens instead. Of cousre, Saturn may strengthen his resolve, but he may also feel the sting of consequences.

At the same time, this June, Uranus will be stationing (turning retrograde or acting under the surface) in Bush's secret 8th house where it inconjuncts his natal Neptune (illusions dashed in unpredictable ways). It's possible that either some of his sneaky dealings may come to light in less than flattering ways, or some unexpected consequences of past indescretions (possibly during younger days) may surface and be suddenly exposed. Also Bush's natal Sun is in his 12th house and the Sibley US chart's Sun is in the 8th house. Both placements suggest that whatever happens Saturn hits, it will not be anticipated but will emerge from the shadows. It could be a terrorist act of some sort, possibly even a threat on his life, or some act of self-undoing. Change is likely, but it may not be what Bush expects.

Bush's Solar Arc Progressions
Solar arc progressions can be quite predictive but I'm still a novice at reading them correctly. Nevertheless, here's what I "see" for Mr. Bush this summer:
1) Bush's Solar arc Jupiter will reach an exact inconjunct with his natal Sun by July 21, 2004. It will be be in orb all summer. Solar arc inconjunctions tend to mean loss and/or separation, according to Carole Demott Devine. The Sun that is being aspected rules Bush's Leo Ascendant (how the world sees him) and his second house (finances and fiscal reputation). For this reason, I hypothesize that this summer Bush will experience a loss of reputation (and possibly financial standing as well) in the eyes of the world. His excessive pride and over-confidence may lead him astray. The cause is likely to be Jupiterian - spending too much money, over-exaggerating his political prowess, diplomatic blunders, or other excesses.

2) In early June 2004 Bush's solar arc Sun will conjunct his natal Mars. Mars rules his Aries Mid-heaven, so again aggressive public (Midheaven) actions (Sun/Mars) are indicated. Nothing will stop him from doing whatever he pleases because he believes that he is above the law. However, consequences will surely follow as the next aspect of the solar arc Sun will be a semi-sextile to Bush's first house Pluto (loss of personal power) around inauguration time in January. Scorpio, the sign Pluto rules, is intercepted in Bush's 4th house, so it's possible he may retreat to his ranch in Crawford, Texas after January 2005.

3) Bush's solar arc directed Sun is also semi-sextile his natal Mercury Rising. This too may signify a loss or separation that affects his Ascendant - how he is perceived by others. Mercury rules his 3rd and 11th houses - friends, siblings (Jeb in Florida?) and allies or political associations. Perhaps issues may arise again regarding his first election in 2000 and the slippery legalities of that election process.

4) By Fall of 2004 Bush's solar arc Mercury will be approaching a conjunction with his natal Neptune and George W.'s thinking powers probably won't be well grounded, especially when it comes to foreign policy, as Neptune rules his natal 9th house. He thinks he can do no wrong, and through his cockiness, he will exhibit political flaws. This further reinforces my belief that his reputation will take a hit in a way that loses him the confidence of the American public and his own Republican Party.

More on the May Eclipses later....

Blessings to you all,
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