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Betsi has studied Astrology for 30 years, beginning in Berkeley, California in the late 60's, before traveling 4 continents which led to her particular interest in Astrocartography, the Astrology of Location. Her diverse life experiences in different parts of the world increased her understanding and compassion for others and gave her a chance to check out the validity of the principles of Astrocartography empirically. In 2000 she became certified to continue Jim Lewis' seminal work with Astrocartography.

"Travel broadens personal experience and increases self-knowledge, not only because of the new experiences we encounter, but also because it gives us a chance to activate dormant qualities within our character. Astrocartography enables us to do this more consciously. By bringing more information to the table, we can make more productive and satisfying choices regarding where to live or travel through an awareness of Astrocartography and how it impacts us personally."


$75    Basic Natal Consultation
$100    Natal Consultation with Transits & Progressions
$150    Natal/Transit/Progressions & Astrocartography Reading

Call: 303-546-9119 for phone sessions (you pay for the call and Betsi records the consultation. The packet of materials will be shipped to you along with the taped session immediately after the consultation) or she can record a session on tape and mail it to you with the appropriate chartwork if you prefer.

Check or money order should be received prior to your session. Send to:
         Betsi Sites
         1705 14th St. #340
         Boulder, CO 80302

"May the rhythm of the Heavens guide your path."