Astrocartography is the Astrology of Location, first developed by Jim Lewis. The following TOPICS will give you an Introduction into the subject.

You can order any combination of maps and reports at "5 for $20" and $5 more for any additional maps,charts or reports by sending in an Order Form with your birth information and a check to the address on the form. These maps & reports are generated from the software program known as Solar Maps. Personal Astrocartography Consultations are in-depth personal interpretations of these maps and corresponding relocated charts as interpreted by Betsi Sites, certified Astrocartographer.

(NOTE: Astrocartography is based on your birth time and is very time-sensitive. If you do NOT know your birth time within 30 minutes, do NOT order Astrocartography Maps as they will be misleading.)


1)    Reading Astrocartography Maps

2)   Introduction to Astrocartography

3)   Astrocartography Planets on the Ascendant

4)   Astrocartography Planets on the Mid-Heaven

5)     An Astrocartography Map