Eclipse Map

      This is a map of the World at the peak moment of the Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999. Of course, the Eclipse lasted for over an hour from beginning to end and the Astrocartography Lines moved eastward during that time. However, notice the peak influences over Greece and Turkey, the sites of 2 powerful earthquakes within 2 weeks of the Eclipse. Pluto, which often indicates danger, disaster or underworld-kind of activities, passed over both countries during the eclipse period. Mars, the planet of fire, sexuality and extreme energy, is combined with Saturn, the planet of resistence, structure, depression, and hardship at the peak of the Eclipse over this area. When Mars and Saturn work together, the feeling is often one of "bashing one's head against a wall" - an extreme clash of force against resistance. These 3 planets describe the conditions of the Earthquakes in that region that followed the very powerful and last Eclipse of the Millenium, the chart of which shows a very rigid Grand Square in Fixed signs. (See the Eclipse Chart.)

      This is an example of how an Astrocartography Map can give us information about the influences in a particular place.