"The Astrocartography Kit" is a popular and affordable way to have all the tools you will need to locate your "best places" across the world - based on the where your positively-aspected natal planets are strongest - close to or aspecting your relocated Angles in that place.

AND Astrocartography Kits make fine gifts!


The principles of Astrocartography are based on the research of Michael Gaugelin, who discovered that the qualities for which famous people achieved renown corresponded to planets that were close to one of the 4 angles in their natal charts: the Ascendant and the Midheaven being strongest for public life, the Descendant being best for relationship, and the Nadir intensified ones inner life, family, home or genetic influence.

His work was furthered by Jim Lewis, the Father of modern Astrocartography, who realized that moving to places where planets are on the angles in the relocated chart has a marked tendency to increase the potency of that planet's influence in one's life experience. After years of painstakingly drawing lines on maps, he created a software program that shows where each of the planets are on the Angles and therefore strongest.

Now these tools are available to us all! Discover your "best place" for love, career, family life, intellectual development, athletic prowess, creative expression, making money, or finding self-fulfillment. With the tools provided by Astrocartography, alot of the guess work is elliminated, so that your chances of success are greatly enhanced.


Here's an example:

The colored lines represent where the various planets are on an Angle: As=Ascendant, Mc=Midheaven, Ds=Descendant, and Ic=Imun Coeli or Nadir. Notice that the Midheaven and IC lines are vertical (representing the 10th house and 4th house cusps of an astrology chart) and the Ascending (1st house cusp) and Descending (7th house cusp) lines curve in waves across the map.

The heavy lines are the Astrocartography (ACG) lines but you will notice another set of finer lines that conjoin at the place of birth and its opposite point. These are known as "Local Space" or "Planetary Direction" lines and they also indicate places with their planetary influences are strong, although less strong than the ACG lines.

Another kind of astrological influence are "Parans" which are included in the relocation reports for any given city. Parans are where ACG lines cross at a particular latitude and their effect is a blend of the influences of the 2 planets which cross. Because they are "latitude-specific", all places around the world within 2 degrees of that latitude are affected by the combined energy of the two planetary influences. For example, if a Venus line crosses a Jupiter line at 35 degrees north latitude, the VE/JU influence (a blend of both Venus and Jupiter qualities) affects all locations near 35 degrees north AND south latitude.


Several aides are included in your ASTROCARTOGRAPHY KIT to help you read your maps:

1) A NATAL CHART is included. This is important because the lines that correspond to well-aspected planets in your natal chart will generally be more beneficial than poorly-aspected planets, which can indicate difficulties. Where a natal planet has BOTH harmonious (trines and sextiles) AND challenging (squares and oppositions) aspects to it, those planetary lines may bring a "mixed blessing" and will carry many of the same issues as in the natal chart. Sometimes the least-aspected planet may have an additional destiny role to play in your life as well. (A discussion of this topic can be found at: http://www.dominantstar.com/astro02.htm).

2) YOU WILL RECEIVE 4 MAPS - 2 natal and 2 transiting maps for the Continent of your choice (USA unless otherwise indicated) and for the World. A wonderful natal location can be plagued with some difficult transits for a number of years, although it may again be a good location at a later date. Without transiting maps, you wouldn't realize that you are headed for trouble if you go to "a good place" at a "bad time". (I have not found Progressed maps to be very helpful, but they can be added upon request.)

3) A BOOKLET called "Planets on the Angles" gives you an interpretive meaning for each of the major lines on your map. For instance, if you are interested in a location near a SUN Ascending Line, you can read about Sun on the Ascendant and how you will likely feel or what you might experience on a Sun Ascending line.

4) THREE RELOCATION CHARTS and REPORTS for any 3 cities in the world of your choosing are included, with both natal and transiting reports. (Additional relocation reports can be added for an extra $5 per city.) Be sure to look at which planets are in which houses for further guidance on the effects of that place. [NOTE: I will NOT recommend places unless you order an Astrocartography Consultation.]

5) A LIST OF PARANS for natal Latitudes so you will also be informed of the more subtle factors affecting different latitudes.


Your 4 maps will be in plastic report covers along with your 3 relocation reports in the 3-hole pronged center of a pocket folder which opens like a notebook. Your Charts, the Booklet, your List of Parans and other support materials with be tucked in the two side pockets of your folder so that you have a nicely contained packet of materials that can be used for years to come, or easily slid into a bookshelf for future reference.


Your personalized Astrocartography Kit costs only $50 plus shipping ($5 in the USA or $15 abroad) paid by check or money order in US dollars or by credit via PayPal.


* WHO: Print out an Order Form and fill it in or on a plain sheet of paper write your Full Name, Birth Date, Birth Time, and Birth Place.
* WHERE: If your Continent of choice is NOT the USA, specify which Continent you prefer.
* WHEN: If the time you want the transits is not soon, specify when you want to travel.
* WHICH CITIES: Name 3 Cities (with State or Country designated as well) you've chosen for Relocation Reports.
* EXTRA CHARGES: If you are ordering extra maps, charts or relocation reports, add $5 for each item in addition to $50 plus $5 shipping (US) or $15 (abroad).
* TOTAL the amount ($55 minimum) and send your information and check to:

Betsi Sites
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All Kits are created personally for you so allow 1-2 weeks delivery time within the US. If you have specific questions about ordering or other astrological services, you may contact me via email or by phone at 303-546-9119.

"May the rhythm of the heavens guide your path."