If you are unfamiliar with the concept of Astrocartography or what phenomena it is based on, you may want to read the Astrocartography Lessons on this web site.

But to quickly explain why Astrocartography is a fascinating field of study, just think about places you have traveled to that have affected you significantly. Perhaps you seemed happier, or fell in love almost immediately, or tingled with a sense of adventure, or sensed high danger, or got into a serious accident, or were robbed. Surprising but true, places effect different people differently. WHY? Astrocartography attempts to put the faculties of reason together with the symbolism of Astrology to describe areas where certain events are more likely to happen for specific people than in other places.

A natal chart reflects a moment that is fixed in time at a specific locale. The positions of the angles in that chart are determined by the moment of birth. While it is dawn on one part of the Earth, at that same moment at another part of the world, it is noon, or dusk, or midnight. Dawn represents the time when the Sun is rising, or ascending. The Sun is "on the Ascendant." At noon the Sun is at it's zenith, or "on the mid-heaven." At dusk the sun sets "on the Descendant," and at midnight it is buried under the Earth at its Nadir, the 4th house cusp. Therefore, the angles of a natal chart will be different for someone born in a different place at that same moment of time.

When you travel around the world, to some degree you get to experience what it would have been like to be born at that place, for good or ill. That's why people want to know ahead of time "what it will be like" for them to live in such-and-such a place, how will it feel different.

Research has shown that when planets in the natal chart are activated by being close to a chart angle (Ascendant, Descendant, Mid-heaven or Nadir/I.C.), they are strengthened in an expression consistent with the nature of that particular angle and usually in a manner typical of their natal tendencies. Therefore, by referring to the natal chart and by understanding the basic symbolism of each planet and each angle, one can extrapolate certain expectations for how that planet may affect a person when in a certain region. Some strengthenings are positive in nature, while others can put a particular person "over the top" in ways that can be quite destructive. Determining these effects ahead of time is what Astrocartography is all about!

However, it's not always easy to project how a certain planet will affect behavior when stimulated by proximity to an angle in a relocated chart. People are so different! And certain planets, such as Neptune, can express themselves over quite a wide range of possible expressions, from "spacey disorientation," to prophetic or lucid dreaming, to exquisite spiritual realizations, to unique forms of artistry. One's inexperience (or youth), one's upbringing, and one's soul development can greatly affect this range of behaviors as well, so that it can be quite impossible to pre-judge exactly what to expect. Nonetheless, research has documented a likely range of possibilities, while the intuitive judgement and personal experience of a trained professional can enhance an Astrocartography Reading and offer a range of likely scenarios for a particular locale.

This is how Astrology 2000 strives to serve its clients - with experience, professionalism and research. Betsi Sites received her certification in Astrocartography in 2000, after years of study and passing a stringent test. She has traveled the world and has compared astrocartography principles with her own experience. The correlation is quite uncanny at times! Since then she has served hundreds of clients in better understanding themselves and their available choices. There is no "perfect place." But change is sometimes healthy. To be able to make informed choices is the purpose of an Astrocartography Consultation.

Betsi is conscientious in her work and spends long hours preparing for each consultation. Some readings feel absolutely inspiring to her clients, while others, for whatever reason, feel somehow incomplete, as if there is just not enough information available to give a clear recommendation. Sometimes she recommends that a move may not be in the client's best interests at that moment, and counsels that they wait a few years. Other times she can clearly see that the timing is right and the move looks to be very positive. In any case, Betsi will honestly tell you what she sees. You will feel her honesty and her depth of commitment to her work. Many clients feel that she gives more information than you can possibly absorb in one session. But her consultations often unearth valuable insights that inspire and uplift. And her clients often recommend her highly to their friends and associates.

If you are ready to delve into the fullness of three-dimensional Astrology, the Astrology of location, give Betsi a call at (303) 546-9119 or 303-819-8619. (Evenings and weekends are best, MST in Colorado.) Or if you prefer, you may email her.

"May the rhythm of the heavens guide your path."