In lesson 2 we talked about planets on the Ascendant, which means they were on the Eastern horizon at the time of your birth. Planets that were high above the place of your birth when you were born are said to be "on the Mid-Heaven." Like the Sun at High Noon, planets in this position are shining their brightest in your life, expressing through your affairs in the outer world and, therefore, may signify qualities for which you are known publically. For instance, Goldie Hawn has Jupiter at the Mid-heaven, and her jovial good nature shines brightly on the big screen. Martin Luther King's Sun was on the Mid-Heaven and he empowered the whole Civil Rights Movement with the strength of his convictions and will always be remembered for his speech, "I have a Dream!" Ghandi had Uranus on the Mid-Heaven in India where he was known as a great transformative leader of his people on their path to self-realization and independence. From the British perspective, he was known as a dangerous rebel. It both cases, he was famous for the quality of the planet that was strongly placed at the Mid-Heaven of his chart. Marilyn Monroe had Chiron on the Mid-Heaven and Moon on the Descendant and her wistful vulnerability was part of her charm, but in the end she couldn't heal her own wounds and ended by taking her own life. Robert Redford has North Node on the on the Mid-Heaven and his path as an actor and a director keep his life's work before the public eye. Muhammad Ali has Mars on the Mid-Heaven and he's the most well-known fighter of all time.

Not everyone with a planet on the Mid-Heaven will be famous, but planets at the top of your chart, especially if they are empowered by being within a few degrees of the Mid-Heaven, will make their presence known in an outward and obvious way. If they are east or approaching the Mid-Heaven from the left, i.e. the 10th house, they will say something about qualities you use in your place of employment and often will indicate factors that determine the type of employment you seek or self-create. If, however, the planetary placement is to the right or west of the Mid-Heaven, they may indicate more about your philosophy of life, what you have learned through experience and how you share it with others. Planets in this, the 9th house, especially Mercury and/or Jupiter often indicate a teacher of some sort.

Let's look at each planet and see how they tend to express their nature when found close to the Mid-Heaven. Remember that both the sign it is in, the sign on the Mid-Heaven (usually the same but not always) and the aspects formed with other planets will influence how this planet affects the individual's position in the outer world.

Sun on the Mid-Heaven signifies a very public person, someone who likes the limelight and wants others to notice him or her. They shine on stage, or rise in a business, act as a leader among their friends, or go their own way with confidence and panache. As a child, especially if the Sun has many squares to it, such a person may be a trouble-maker in the classroom. On the other hand, if this person has trines and sextiles to the Sun, he or she may be the most popular person or President of the class. They will stand up for their beliefs and will speak their truth publically.

Moon on the Mid-Heaven signifies a person whose mood swings are publically visible. This is especially evident in a theatrical person, and without a stage, may be someone who creates many dramas in their life. They will probably be talkative and this is an ideal placement for a the town gossip or someone whose compassion and nurturing spirit reaches out to others, such as a nurse or counselor. The Moon is the Divine Mother, so mother-like skills will be strong. If the Moon is in the 10th house, often employment is found in one of the domestic arts, such as cooking, cleaning, sewing, running a bed & breakfast, or real estate. Or it may signify that the person's occupation changes as quickly as the Moon's phases. Or one may be drawn toward the sea, such as an oceanographer, a sea captain or sailor, a lifeguard, a surfer, a beach bum. Another area where the Moon is strong is in art and craft so that Moon on the Mid-Heaven might indicate a famous watercolor painter or a well-known potter.

Mercury on the Mid-Heaven indicates a quick wit, an intelligent person who may want to speak before the public in some way or become a renowned writer. It could also be a well-loved teacher, especially if the Mercury is in the 9th house. Another example is the radio or television talk show host. When combined well with Jupiter, this person may be a comedian. If aligned with Pluto, they may have an ascorbic wit, cutting to the quick on any issue, no matter how sensitive. With Saturn, we may have the leader of the debate team and with Mars, a lawyer who sculpts words to win a case. With Venus, Mercury becomes charming and gracious; with Neptune, poetic and idealistic, romantic and sometimes obscure; with Uranus, unconventional but brilliant. What they all share is that Mercury represents expressions of Mind, and at the Mid-Heaven, often communications that touch the public in some way.

Venus on the Mid-Heaven often indicates someone who is known for her beauty, or his handsome good looks. This person may use beauty to reach the public, such as a beauty queen, movie star, or creator of a line of fashions or cosmetics. On the other hand, Venus is the Muse that inspires musicians and many artists. It may also signify a socialite, a gracious hostess, the charming spokesperson of an organization. Or it could be a prissy little rich girl who thinks the world should bow before her and give her everything she wants. Venus on the Mid-Heaven is the quintessential Princess.

Mars on the Mid-Heaven is the famous athlete, the aggressive Union organizer, the stock broker, the captain of industry, the pushy salesman. He may be the scrapper in the bar, the laborer, the soldier who dies for his country. He could be the abusive husband or sexual abuser. She may be the feminist, the devil's advocate in the meeting room, the aerobics or work-out queen, the Olympic champion. She could be snappy and mean. In the 9th house, Mars on the Mid-Heaven might be the world traveler or acupuncturist. In the 10th, perhaps the politician or physical therapist. Usually such a one is known for some form of energetic, physical, sexual, courageous or excessive activity. There is the danger of being accident prone with Mars in this position, but for a professional athlete, there is no better placement.

Jupiter on the Mid-Heaven usually indicates someone who is very well liked. They are jovial, beneficent, lucky and see the Big Picture. They may have far-reaching ideas and plans and are very optimistic about their ability to reach any goal. Their fault is that they may not see all the nitty-gritty little in-between steps necessary to get there. Jupiter is the "Big Daddy in the Sky" and often represents someone of real or imagined influence, who can be a well-loved father figure like John Wayne, or a woman of real position in the world, like a Queen or the head of a big company. A person with Jupiter on the Mid-Heaven will probably have a lot of good fortune in their life and will find themselves in a position where they can make a positive mark on the world. A downside is that they can go over-board and squander their good fortune, like a Las Vegas gambler who gives huge tips to all around him when he wins big, and laughs it off when he loses, but never really manifests anything beyond his pleasurable pursuits.

Saturn on the Mid-Heaven is just the opposite. These people feel the weight of their public responsibilities heavy on their shoulders. They're serious, sometimes even scarey because they rarely have much time to have any fun. Their pursuits do not usually allow much levity. They may be the perpetual student with their nose to the grindstone, or a burdened doctor facing a never-ending line of patients. Somehow these people feel like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders. Paul Newman has Saturn on the Mid-Heaven. His Saturn is sextile Jupiter on the Ascendant in the 12th house and Mercury on the Ascendant in the 1st house, which imbued the Saturn with a dose of intelligent with (Mercury) and prosperous good fortune (Jupiter), lightening it considerably. None the less, he is definitely known as an actor of serious roles. (The Jupiter on the Ascendant, by the way, is expressed through his generous contributions to charity from his line of "Newman's Own" foods.)

Uranus on the Mid-Heaven usually indicates a surprising and unusual character who is generally a brilliant thinker, often light years "ahead of their time." This one may be eccentric as they come, yet artistically creative and inspirational. Such a colorful character would keep your attention if he or she gave a lecture and it probably would be on a New Age approach to something ranging from physics to metaphysics. Uranus brings sudden changes, so if it is in the 10th house of career, you may experience vast swings in your business, be laid off or hired again unexpectedly, or excel in a form of vibrational healing. In the 9th house, you'd be likely to travel, quite possibly to exotic or unusual places with little prior notice, or you may delve into unusual fields of study. You would express your opinions freely, without a care to what others thought of you and you'd live the life of your own choosing, honoring your freedom above all else. The Mel Gibson character in "Brave Heart" combined Uranus on the Mid-Heaven with Mars on the Ascendant.

Neptune on the Mid-Heaven is an enigmatic sort of person, bearing some of the attributes of a romantic poet and some of "a stranger in a strange land." This person may not be all that she or he appears to be, and issues of deception may occur. Famous magicians might have Neptune on the Mid-Heaven as well as seers like Yogananda or Meyer Baba, people who are known for their devotion to a Higher Being. Musicians who play entrancing, lilting tones, or therapists who deal with the trance state such as hypnotists, past life regressionists or shamanic practitioners, might have Neptune on the Mid-Heaven. But because the nature of Neptune is so other worldly, there are probably fewer famous people with this planet on the Mid-Heaven than any other. Neptune by its nature is extremely private, inner, often unconscious, vulnerable and not inclined to seek the limelight. Therefore, if a Neptune on the Mid-Heaven person became well-known for their work, it would probably be through little effort of their own. They may be known for their addictions. Jim Morrison of "The Doors" exemplified the fame of Neptune on the Mid-Heaven. Other examples can be found in the world of film or theater, or the world of the transvestite dancer, where the muse seeks an audience before which to perform an exquisite art of deception.

Pluto on the Mid-Heaven is a sign of power, personal power, autocratic political power, the controlling power of a pimp over the girls of the night. With it comes tests of integrity, which when failed can topple their worlds into the jaws of hell. Pluto wants to manipulate others for it's own ends, but neither shares the glory nor the spoils. Pluto rules the underworld and therefore revels in the Dark. The legends of Vampires and Transylvania are Pluto stories. Raising Pluto into the Light is no easy task! Dr. Kevorkian, of suicide-assisted death, is a Pluto on the Mid-Heaven individual. A cruel ruler who kills his own subjects like Idi Amin is a Pluto on the Mid-Heaven character. It's time to find Pluto on the Mid-Heaven personages who exhibit integrity, such as a person with the power to push the nuclear button... who refrains from doing it. This is the true power of Pluto.

Chiron on the Mid-Heaven signifies individuals who bear their wounds publically, like Hestor Prynne of "The Scarlet Letter." More commonly, Chiron on the Mid-Heaven people spend a lifetime pursuing self-healing, during which they learn a great deal about their wound and how to cope with it. Later in life, especially if they do successfully heal themselves or find an acceptable way to live with their disease/wound, they become the best teachers (Chiron in the 9th house) to others who are becoming aware of their own need to heal the very same wound. Dane Rudyard, the renowned Astrologer, had Chiron on the Mid-Heaven in the 9th house. He must have been seeking to understand some deep psychological wound in himself that led him deeper into his Astrology studies, because he became a famous teacher of the integrative processes he discovered.. Sometimes such processes takes these people into ground-breaking realms of new healing knowledge which they in turn share with others. With Chiron on the Mid-Heaven, one is likely to follow just such a path to ultimately becoming known for their particular brand of healing. Their own need to heal themselves has made them Healers and their Destiny is to synthesize what they have learned and give it to others, that they too may be healed. Chiron in the 10th house people are often practicing healers of some kind.

North Node on the Mid-Heaven is the signature of someone who's Life Work takes them before the public in some way. They may become a business executive of a powerful company, like Bill Gates, or a great scientist and film maker, supporter of the beleaguered seas like Jacques Cousteau A well-known scientist-spokesperson with North Node on the Mid-Heaven was Carl Sagan who spoke about the "billions and billions of stars" in the Universe.

When the Part of Fortune is near the Mid-Heaven,you have some special gift to give Mankind. It may take a lifetime to discover what this "gift" is, and the planetary signs and aspects of the planets in relationship with this point will help you understand the nature of the "gift" and how it is to be given, but you can be sure you were born to a purpose and that purpose has a public aspect to it that cannot be ignored. You will probably become known, whether locally or globally, for your special contribution to the human race.
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