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Astrology 2000 specializes in Astrocartography, the Astrology of Location. The Astrology 2000 site provides Astrocartography Lessons, Astrocartography Services, astrological "climate" Forecasts and Contact Information for Astrologers who can help answer your astrological questions. You can order maps, astrology charts, and consultations by mailing an Order Form, email us using the Contact Form or call the phone number above in the heading to talk to Betsi Sites.

We welcome you as a visitor to this Astrocartography web site.

We are able to accept Visa and Master card orders through PayPal but you will need to get my email by using the Contact Form and requesting it (to limit spam). However, I prefer a personal check with your order to: Betsi Starr Sites, P.O. Box 364, Crestone, CO 81131. Add $5 for Shipping charges (in the US). If you prefer to talk in person, call 505-470-9327 (MST).

Astrology Kits

Astrology 2000 offers a variety of do-it-yourself Astrological KITS that help you learn Astrology as you look more deeply into yourself. These include our most popular Astrocartography Kit for $55, which gives the Student of Astrology everything he or she needs to be able to read "where in the world" you may find auspicious energies.

For those who do not feel particularly competent with astrological concepts and symbols, or want greater depth and experience, we offer an in-person 90+ minute Astrocartography Consultation over the phone with Betsi Sites, our certified Astrocartographer. She will put together an orderly ~50 page packet of maps, reports and relocated charts, a natal-progressed-transiting bi-wheel which shows current planetary influences, a solar arc chart when significant, as well as lists of parans, local space information, and a Booklet entitled "Planets on the Angles" - a resource that will be valuable to you for years to come!

After spending many hours of research analyzing this material, Betsi will better inform you about several options, taping a 90 minute (or more!) conversation with you over the phone, so that your questions can be answered. For the amount of work that goes into an Astrocartography Consultation, this gem of a service is quite reasonably priced at $150, for one person or $250 for 2 people, finding places that serve you BOTH (couples, mother and child, friends, etc). Sliding scale may be possible under certain conditions. Talk to Betsi personally if you need to make special arrangements.

Another popular KIT is our Solar Return Kit, which focuses on the chart created the moment the Sun hits it's natal placement at your current locale within a day of your birthday each year. The planetary aspects and house placements in this chart are explained and your natal planets are added for further clarifying information. Therefore, Solar Return Kit is a great Birthday Gift for the Astrology student and costs only $35 plus $5 shipping.

An Order Form is available for your ordering convenience. You may print it and mail it in with a personal check, or email your questions.

If you are interested in these or other Astrological Services, you may call Betsi at 505-470-9327 and discuss how best she can serve your Astrological needs. Although Astrocartography is my speciality, I also read natal charts, transits and progressions, solar returns, solar arc, some horary questions, and have experience with numerous other astrological practices. I can comment on relationships, but it is not my field of expertise.


Humans are Cosmic Beings, and as such are in synchronistic rapport with other Cosmic Entities, including the Sun, Moon, Planets, Asteroids and Fixed Stars.

Astrology is the symbolic language which explains our unique allignment within Time & Space, as well as our relationship with some of the other Cosmic Forces that share the same Time Frame.

Learning to read the relative currents and flows of Galactic Energies is extremely helpful in enabling us to discern direction and purpose within a seemingly chaotic series of events that we call "Life".

Knowing when to grasp an opportunity can change our lives. Foreseeing a period of difficulty, and understanding its lessons and timing, can save our sanity. Knowing what is reasonable to expect when traveling to different parts of the world can help us make meaningful choice.

These are some of the gifts offered by Astrology and Astrocartography! A personal consultation with Betsi Sites can help you with self-understanding.

There is a full-length article written about the astrological significance of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack, called "When the Twin Towers Fall in the City of York".


If you are unfamiliar with Astrology, you might be interested in finding out
How Astrology can help you.

With astrological information at your fingertips, now YOU can put your finger on "the Pulse of the Universe!"

Call 505-470-9327 to place an order
or copy and fill out an   ORDER FORM and mail it with a check to:
BETSI SITES, PO Box 274, Crestone, CO 81131

We have a collection of Crop Circles, a few UFO pictures and other interesting "spacey" pictures in our GRAPHICS section.

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Born on: January 17, 1998

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